Control System Migration

Automation control system migrations typically only happen once in a career, so it’s no surprise if you feel overwhelmed by the need to upgrade. You may feel locked into using your current vendor and unsure of how to get unbiased advice on other options. Look to MAVERICK Technologies, a platform-independent automation solutions provider, for help finding the best, low-risk solution for your operations. One that incorporates upfront planning, technology selection, systems integration and ongoing support. We’ll help set your facility on the right course for the next several decades.

MAVERICK helped identify our control issues and determine a solution before selecting the technology that would make it happen. Through front-end loading, MAVERICK reduced our risk and cost of migration.
— Satisfied Customer, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The MAVERICK Approach

We believe that control system migration is your chance to innovate and that manufacturers who just replicate their existing system miss out on major opportunities for improvement. That’s why it’s important to work with someone like MAVERICK because we won’t push you toward a particular hardware or software but will provide the objective perspective you need for determining the right tools for your facility. Our process combines a comprehensive study of the challenge, a phased approach to execution and ongoing support — all to ensure your upgrade doesn’t just bring you up to speed but propels you ahead of your competition for years to come.

Control System Migration

MAVERICK can help:

  • Develop plans and cost estimates to help obtain funding
  • Define your process and system boundaries
  • Investigate and collect data
  • Optimize I/O points
  • Analyze the data and plan the solution
  • Work with you right on the plant floor throughout the project
  • Keep you operating efficiently during and after the migration
  • Provide long-term 24/7/365 U.S.-based support
  • Provide preventive maintenance and training services
  • Lock in the gains achieved through your migration

Case Studies

See how MAVERICK works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the industry.
纸 Machine Wet End Migrates to Emerson DeltaV
Semiconductor Manufacturer Upgrades PLC-5 to ControlLogix
Midstream Company Modernizes Fractionation Plant
Midstream Company Brings Product Transportation into the 21st Century
Major Chemical Manufacturer Consolidates Multiple Distributed Control System (DCS) Platforms Using the DCSNext® Solution
Refinery Transitions to Next Generation Honeywell Experion
BOP DCS Migration in Combined Cycle Power Facility

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